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What's Hot – Putters!

14 May 2012

So we’ve already taken a look at the best drivers of 2012… but what about that all important putter? Here’s Caddyshack Rentals top picks:

Taylormade Ghost Spider (mallet putter) - The grooved-face insert in these putters is made from a Surlyn polymer—a lighter, softer material than the aluminium alloy used in the blades— and appeals to players who prefer a soft feel. The grooves deflect at impact to promote faster forward roll.

Ping Scottsdale Anser 2 (blade putter) – The stainless-steel club has a thermoplastic-elastomer face insert designed to mix the performance of steel with a softer feel. The club’s stark colours aren’t just a fashion statement but an effort to offer golfers high-contrast alignment. Each head model comes with a shaft band indicating the stroke type it suits best.

Nike Method Core 3i (blade putter) – The face insert, which features alternating polymer and aluminium grooves, is designed to serve two purposes: reduce skid by producing faster forward roll and dampen vibration while emitting a steel sound at impact.

So what are you waiting for? Now you know what golf clubs are best, its time to hit those shops!!