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Top 2013 travel destinations

7 May 2013

The results are in for the Travel Bloggers Top 2013 Travel Destinations and guess what? South African holidays made the cut! Its not just got some of the greatest golf courses in the world we also have beaches to die for, scenery to amaze and some of the best wine the world has to offer.

In at No. 10…. South Africa - By Rachelle Lucas, The Travel Bite

“Picking just one destination is an impossible feat, as I’m in love with them all for different reasons. But if I had to choose just one place for 2013 it would be South Africa.  It’s been a year since I’ve traveled there, and yet I still catch myself vividly daydreaming of the memories made while spending two weeks in that beautiful country.  There is just such a diversity of experiences unlike anywhere else I’ve been in the world.  You can go from dense cityscapes to complete wilderness, from sipping fine wines in the valley to gnawing at biltong and chugging beers from the back of a jeep.  And then there’s going out on safari.  The first time you spot a zebra, or a lion, or a giraffe, or a herd of elephants (and you will find them all); that moment will absolutely take your breath away.

For the budget-minded, it’s not an impossible dream.  Flights will be your biggest expense, but the experience is worth the little extra you spend to get there and going during the off season will save you a couple hundred bucks. I’d encourage you to visit the small town of St. Lucia just outside of iSimangaliso Wetlands Park where you get to see a bit of everything, from hippos grazing in the estuaries, to zebras galloping over wide open plains, and miles and miles of untouched coastline.  St. Lucia is also pretty easy to get too.  Just a two hour drive outside of Johannesburg and you’ll be moments away from your first safari.

For the more luxury-minded, I’d spend some time in their wine region.  Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are the most popular wine destinations, but for a more off-the-beaten path experience I’d head to a Hermanus, a small community along the coast known for whale watching.  Tucked away behind Hermanus is a valley called Hemel-en-aarde which translates to “Heaven and Earth.”  It truly lives up it’s name.  There you’ll find Hamilton Russell Vineyards … best pinot noir in the world!”

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