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Play More Golf!

17 September 2012

Last week we let our UK customers into a little secret; a way to save money on bookings, at a select number of golf courses across the UK, through our partners Tee Times Online.

Today we’ve got something special for our customers here in South Africa. Along the same lines, a company called playmoregolfSA are taking advantage of cancelled or unsold tee time slots around the country, snapping them up at discounted prices and passing those savings onto its members!

What could be better? You not only do you get to play at some of the most stunning golf courses the world has to offer, but you save money while you’re doing it. Sounds like the perfect recipe to us!

With over 115 golf clubs and courses across all the provinces of glorious South Africa and over 120,000 tee times available a month, 7 days a week, playmoregolfSA should be the first port of call for any golf enthusiast.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, a number of packages to suit all levels (and budgets) and no contract to tie you in PMG offer an affordable way to experience some of the most beautiful golf courses throughout the country.

With no contract there are no restrictions on members; if you don’t reside in South Africa but are making a golfing trip here then there’s nothing to stop you joining for that period and getting the most out of PMG. While you’re at it, get in touch with us and we can sort out your golf clubs!