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New Golf Clubs – Wedges

10 July 2012

It’s no surprise that with all the advancements in technology, better golf clubs are consistently being bought to market. But with so many on offer, where do you start? To help you whittle it down, here at Caddyshack Rentals we’ve being running a monthly segment on the best golf clubs available. Having covered drivers, putters, fairway woods and irons, today we take you through the best wedges;

Cleveland 588 Forged Chrome – The forged (1025 carbon steel) remake of the legendary cast design includes laser-milled microgrooves intended to create ideal surface roughness and a shaft with a less-active tip for a more penetrating ball flight.

TaylorMade ATV – The wider sole features a centre channel designed to allow the leading edge to stay closer to the ground. The extra width is contoured to prevent digging, and the trailing edge and heel are angled to improve turf interaction on sand and flop shots. To maximize spin, the face has sharper-edged grooves and a uniform micro-texture between them.

Titleist Vokey SM4 Oil Can – The complete retooling of the Vokey wedge line includes making more aggressive individual grooves and expanding the number of grooves to 17 (from 14). There are five sole grinds and varying leading-edge designs (square on lower lofts, rounded on higher lofts) through the range.

We hope that helps you sort the ‘hot’ from the ‘not’. Make sure to pop back next month when we review the new hybrid golf clubs to hit the shops.