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Laugh It Off

22 June 2012

We all know what it’s like after a ‘bad golf day’ on the green. Here at Caddyshack Rentals even the blazing sun and stunning views of the Western Cape in South Africa can’t ease the disappointment sometimes. So what better way to forget the last 18 holes than with a few jokes to raise your spirits; and a smile!

A golfer hits a huge slice off the first tee. The ball soars over a fence and onto a highway, where it hits a car, which promptly crashes into a tree.
The stunned golfer rushes into the golf shop and shouts, “Help! Help! I just hit a terrible slice off the first tee and hit a car and it crashed. What should I do?”
And the pro says, “Try a slightly stronger grip.”
On the phone with a golf buddy who has asked him to play, a guy says: “I am the master of my home and can play golf whenever I want… But hold on a minute while I find out if I want to.”
There’s an amazing golf ball that comes equipped with beeps and lights so that it simply can’t be lost.
“That’s fantastic!” another golfer says. “Where’d you get that ball?”
“Oh, I found it.”

Feeling better? Good. And you never know, if you continue to have a few bad rounds then maybe it’s time to refresh those golf clubs? Why not have a look at some of our 2012 What’s Hot products.