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Importance of a good pair of golf shoes!

29 November 2012

You wouldn’t play tennis with a cricket bat or football with running spikes would you? No; because anyone serious about sport knows the importance of having the right equipment and attire.

From the amateur to the pro golfer one of the more overlooked, but vital pieces of equipment is the all-important golf shoe.

But why is this seemingly simple footwear quite so imperative out on that golf course? There are a couple of reasons…

Cleats – unlike trainers, golf shoes are made with cleats as standard. These are vitally necessary when playing any game where balance is essential. Those cleats grip the ground and keep you from sliding, something that can happen if you need to take a position on a hill or slippery slope. Golf involves sand traps and these can be very slippery so cleats are necessary to keep you safe and balanced. Cleats can also help you when you need to line up your shot properly. If your feet move around even slightly during your backswing, your entire shot can be ruined.

Comfort – From the golf club to each of the 18 holes on the golf course, even with a golf cart you’ll be on your feet a lot. Typically golf shoes are made from soft leather and lined with thick insoles for extra cushioning. The last thing you want after a round on the course is a blister.

Make sure you maintain your golf shoes regularly so they last. Clean after every outing and remove any clumps of grass and dirt. If you look after them properly they should last for five or ten years or even longer. This will keep you safe on the course and keep you at the top of your game!