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Golf lessons : Sand Play

8 October 2012

In our weekly golf lessons we take tips from pro golfers and leading golf instructors and pass them on to you!

This week ex-pro golfer and renowned instructor Jim McLean has a bunker tip for you that’s sure to get help get you out of those sticky, or rather sandy situations…

The secret to cracking that bunker shot? Salt! Jim explains that if you’re struggling with your sand play you can improve your all-round consistency with the addition of table salt to the groves on your wedge. Intrigued?

According to Jim, the issue many golfers have is the failure to maintain the open face of the club that they had at the start of the shot. One of the most common faults is closing the face during the backswing and flipping the hands over coming through.

By adding salt to your wedge you can monitor your progress and know for sure if you made impact with that crucial open face – if there is no salt left on your golf club it means you’ve fallen into the trap and closed that face.

Whether scattered behind or in front of your starting position, the location of the dispersed salt will also inform you which part of your swing is at fault.

When you find yourself in the bunkers everything gets magnified; closing the clubface can be fatal! Use the salt trick next time you’re out on the green and before you know it closing that clubface will be a thing of the past and finding your way out of those bunkers will be a pinch of salt.