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Golf lessons: Putting

11 September 2012

Back in April we posted 2 articles containing hints for those all-important putts; Improving you game & Hints and tips. Since then we’ve covered a few other aspects of the game, but continuing in our putting golf lessons, today we have tip for you from the American ex-pro golfer and 1970 & 1976 PGA Champion, Dave Stockton.

Dave has a new book on the shelves, ‘Unsconscious Scorin’, in which he provides a clear, concise approach to simplifying your short game. As a bit of a taster we thought we’d let you in on one of his tips when it comes to your putting game.

Don’t look at the ball! Dave says not to look at the ball when you putt; instead to pick a spot a couple of inches in front of the ball, right on the putting line you have chosen. Then when you make your stroke, simply focus on rolling the ball right over that spot.

We’ve tried it out ourselves at the Caddyshack Rentals Office and it’s amazing how that simple tip helps you to not only roll the ball on your chosen line, but it gets you to accelerate the putter, hitting the putt with a more solid stroke. Thanks Dave!