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Golf Lessons of a fashion kind : Know your body type

26 September 2012

So after our previous posts have noticed yourself checking out other people’s fashion styles on the golf course? At the last of the four Majors last month we noticed some even more pro golfers making a claim in the fashion stakes with some very eye catching outfits on display.

Continuing with our fashion golf lessons, today we’re going to tackle a seemingly trivial subject, but believe us, it’s not. What to look your best out on the golf course? Then you have to…

Know your body type 

Alternatively matching your belt to your shirt is another way to minimize contrast in your midsection.If you’re on the larger side, match your belt to your trousers. That way your waistline is no longer so obvious.


The exception to the rule: If your waist is less than 34 inches, then you can pull off a contrasting white belt


It’s OK to be big and wear stripes. Just don’t complicate everything with too much contrast. The fewer the variables, the better.

Strong contrast of dark top and light bottom works for the trim, but not for everyone.