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Golf Lessons, Fashion Style!

18 July 2012

With every tournament that passes we see an increase in the number of pro golfers taking their golfing fashion all that more seriously. Gone are the dull shirts and boring slacks; with a blast of colour and patterns hitting the pro circuit greens, the amateurs amongst us are fast being left behind in the fashion stakes. Panic no more as we introduce our Caddyshack Rentals fashion feature; ensuring that even the most clueless golfer can look like they know what they’re doing.

Match Play Fashion Tips

Never mind matching your belt to your shoes. Better to match it to your shirt to pull the whole look together.

When can pattern on pattern work? When the pattern isn’t dominating both the shirt and the trousers!

Pick your spots. If you’re going with bold/bright-coloured trousers, go with a simple top – The opposite can be true as well. A bright shirt asks for a simpler bottom.

Your colours don’t always have to be bright to make a statement. If you keep your colours in the same palette, you’re able to create balance.

A little detail can go a long way. A bright-coloured belt can add just the right amount of pop to bring a simple outfit to life.

Pop back next month as our fashion feature golf lessons tackles Good Fit vs Bad Fit!