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Golf Lessons – Fairway Bunker Shots

8 June 2012

We all know that, as much as we’d love to have a clean round every time, there is the odd occasion where the ball gets seemingly attracted to the fairway bunkers. Over the next couple of days, as part of our mini golf lessons, that’s exactly what we’re going to tackle. Should you find yourself in the sand, here are a few tips to improve your fairway bunker play;

Take More Club: Always a good idea to take one extra club from the fairway bunker, for instance, if the hole is 150 yards away and you normally hit a 9 iron, go with an 8 or 7 iron instead. This encourages a more controlled swing and also compensates for the loss of distance experienced from gripping down on the golf club slightly.

Stable Legs: Excessive leg action makes pure contact very difficult, especially during the backswing. Try and put a bit more weight on the front leg and keep it there during the backswing. While it is important to get your weight off of your back foot in the downswing, shoot for a very smooth transition. This will also encourage a more controlled swing.

Make sure you pop back tomorrow to complete our tutorial as we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves to help that all important fairway bunker play…