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Golf Lessons – Fairway Bunker Shots Part II

12 June 2012

On Friday we started this months golf lessons with a look at dealing with the fairway bunker and let’s face it, we’ve all been there a few times! To round things off, here are a few more tips for navigating your way out of that all-too-familiar sand!

Greenside vs. Fairway divot: Unlike pro golf players, many recreational players believe a fairway bunker shot requires the same divot as a greenside bunker. No. Don’t hit 1-2” behind the ball on a fairway bunker shot, but rather try to pick the golf ball cleanly and leave a divot after contacting the ball.

Don’t Be a Hero: If you find yourself in the fairway bunker, before you take your shot you must be 100% certain that a well-executed shot will come out at a trajectory that clears the lip of the bunker. If there is any doubt, you cant use that club. Swallow your pride and select a club that will easily get you out!

Next month in our mini golf lessons we’ll be looking at ways to improve your short-iron shots; if you’ve got any tips you’d like to throw into the mix we welcome your comments!