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Golf lessons : Driving

20 September 2012

The key to producing a drive with more distance and better accuracy is to focus on body rotation. Here are a few tips from pro golfer Alvaro Quiros, six times winner of the European Tour:

Keep it short and tight – try and approach the shot with a more level shoulder turn so your back swing doesn’t feel long or loose. We’re aiming for tight and compact; concentrate on turning back until your stomach and back muscles feel really stretched.

Stand tall for a better turn – when approaching your shot make sure you’re standing tall to the ball. Look to see if your hands are hanging too low – if they are you won’t give your chest a chance to turn back wide enough in order to produce a powerful hit. By standing taller you give your swing a chance to get wider.

Post up left of your target – A common error is the belief your chest should be pointing at the target when you’ve finished the swing. No. You want your chest pointing considerably left of the target. A complete body turn through the ball allows you to hit a solid fade and take the left side of the course out of play.

Make sure you pop back next month as we bring you some more top tips out on the golf course.