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Golf Lessons : Chipping

9 August 2012

Whether you’re a pro golfer, keen amateur or absolute beginner; everyone that sets foot onto the green can do with an additional tip or two to improve their play. You never stop learning, not even if you’re World No. 1!

Today Caddyshack Rentals bring you a couple of pointers for when nothing but a chip shot will do:

Chip like you putt – When hitting a chip shot, if the club travels too far inside the target line back and through, the shot is likely to be fat or thin. The shallow path causes the golf club to either bottom out before the ball or, if you sense this and pull up through impact, you end up skulling the ball clear across the green.

Instead, visualize your putting stroke and get into your ideal impact position at address: weight toward the target, ball in the middle of your stance or slightly back and eyes over the target line so the clubhead sits slightly on its toe. Then execute your putting stroke; you’ll make crisper contact on your chips if you swing the club straight back. Just imagine your putting motion.

Fix the chipping yips – After one too many skulled shots or classic chunks sometimes the chip can get the better of you. If you’re having trouble hitting any chip shot cleanly, even with the above advice, then former pro golfer John Buczek has a radical idea for you; play with the other hand. So if you’re right-handed, take the chip shot left-handed!

Some sport psychologists say this works because it’s like rebooting a computer. Put simply, the stance, grip and swing are all completely new, so there are no bad memories to influence the stroke. Bingo! Probably best to practise this shot though, rather than try it first time on match day…