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Golf Lesson of a fashion kind

8 November 2012

Every month we scout around to find a variety of fashion do’s and don’ts for on the golf courses. Whether it’s new styles and modern looks, match play outfit ideas or advice on knowing what looks good on your body type; we have it all.

This month we turn our attention to the golfing fashion faux pas. It won’t surprise those of you members of a Golf Club that there are many. To make sure no-one feels out of place, and everyone gets a round on the golf course here are a few simple rules to follow:

Keep that shirt tucked in! You’re not on a night out; on a golf course it just looks unpresentable.

Most golf clubs will expect you to wear a shirt that has a collar. If we were you, we wouldn’t risk otherwise.

Baggy shirts are a no-no. Some people believe that baggier clothes make them look slimmer. This is not the case and ill-fitting tops don’t do anyone justice.

During a round on the golf course your trousers will naturally drop lower on your waist. Bearing that in mind make sure you don’t start with your trousers too long… or by the end they bunch up round your ankles.

Belts are mandatory! Those belt loops on your trousers are there for a reason.

Time has moved on as has golfing fashion. Pleats and other unnecessary additional fabrics aren’t just last year, they’re last decade. Move on.

So there you have it; our hints and tips for not only getting through the door but looking good on that course!