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Callaway’s new TaylorMade structure

4 July 2012

Chip Brewer was formally inducted as the new company president and CEO at Callaway Golf back in February, but with recent actions has announced his presence more dramatically in the last few weeks.

Caddyshack Rentals have been reliably informed that Brewer has recently hired a former senior level employee at rival TaylorMade to join him at Callaway. Harry Arnett, vice president of brand and marketing for TaylorMade has apparently accepted a position as senior vice president of global marketing at Callaway. Arnett joined TaylorMade-adidas Golf in 2007 and later served as a brand director and then global vice president of product marketing for golf clubs and balls at TaylorMade starting in 2008. According to a TaylorMade spokesperson, Arnett resigned from TaylorMade-adidas Golf on May 30. He is expected to start at Callaway this week.

We’ve also heard that several upper-level management changes have been made at the company in the last few weeks. Senior executive vice president and senior vice president of global brand and product, who both joined the company in ’94, are now no longer with the company. The decisions seem to reflect Callaway’s revised stated mission to improve efficiency and the company’s focus.