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21st Century Golf

24 May 2012

You felt good at the 1st, then bogeyed the hole. The game isn’t going how you wanted… or planned! Yes you could rely on your pairing to advise you as to where you’re going wrong but how good are they? Will they actually help?

Well fret no more as Caddyshack Rentals would like to introduce you to GolfSense, a 3D swing analysis device that attaches to a golfer’s glove and provides instant feedback to an iPhone or iPad!

Information collected includes swing path, clubhead speed, swing plane, estimated carry distance, tempo and even tips on how to fix what might be wrong with your swing. Bingo. So you may have messed up the 1st but now you can study where you went wrong, get an eagle on the 2nd and show the pro golfers how it’s done.

Available from the Apple store, the device retails at around £85 / ZAR 1122.49 and only weighs 17 grams. It is fitted with four motion sensors that relay information via a bluetooth connection to an iPad or iPhone.

Currently only available in Canada and USA we’re hoping this new technology becomes available in the UK and South Africa very soon!