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Holiday Golf hire without the hassle

It.s all about getting away to the most stunning golf courses in the world, right? An exhilarating experience of golf clubs in South Africa which will inspire your game forever.

But, your holiday booked, you start thinking of the hassle of lugging your gear around, the cost of airline surcharges and, worst of all, the anxiety that your golf clubs will be lost or damaged. Where.s the exhilaration in that?

Give yourself a proper South African holiday golf experience with Caddyshack golf club rentals. We will help you get our high-quality, premium brand golf clubs in South Africa to you at your hotel, villa or golf course of your choice. Rent them for as many rounds as you like and at the end of your round or rental period, we collect them again. No packing, no weight lifting, no surcharges and no worries. Just a great game.